Thursday, 14 December 2017

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Brilliant Freeware Douglas C-47 Dakota for X-Plane 11

If you have been waiting for the X-Plane 10/11 version of the payware quality 
Douglas C-47 V3.14, look no further.

The freeware version for MSFS including P3D4 is available from many sites, just Google  


Monday, 11 December 2017

HJG: Dassault Mercure

The Dassault Mercure was a 1970’s twin P&W JTD8 regional airliner made by Dassault of France. 

It was certainly an avant garde looking airliner, with some saying that it had better looks than its direct competitor, the ubiquitous Boeing 737, mainly because it’s engines were pylons mounted and so giving the aircraft greater ramp presence. 

Period airliner specialists Historic Jetliner Group (HJG) have today made available a truly fabulous rendition of the Dassault Mercure, complete with detailed VC and 2D panels. Not only that, it also features working wipers and s functional early HUD in both VC & 2D views. 

You also get one or two liveries with it, for instance France’s Air Inter who were the main operator of this type. 

Why so few liveries? Sadly this aircraft wasn’t a commercial success, and only 12 examples were built. Default offered to build a dedicated facility in the USA but this didn’t sway the decision makers. 

One reason for its demise would certainly have been its rather limited range of 1700Km with full payload. Whilst this may have been satisfactory for European routes, it was not long legged enough for non-European airlines. 

If every now and then you enjoy something a little off the beaten track, then why not begin with this? 

When ATC asks your type, you can say Mercure, and who knows, they might confuse you for a long legged Mercury carrying rocket instead!

Read more about this machine and the incredible work done by HJG here.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

IRIS Simulations 50% Off Sale

Just in case you have a few pennies left over after the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, well here’s s great way to liberate yourself from them!

IRIS are a renowned developed specialising in GA and Military types. 

Their entire range of aircraft are price 50% off, including their latest additions, the PC-9 and CT4F Akala.

You can feast on aerobatic types, military trainers, transports, and GA / ULM. 

I have the hitech, powerful, and phenomenally agile Spartan C27 twin turboprop military transport, and it’s fine under P3D4. Actually it’s a great aircraft that is perfect for those SAR missions as well as for practising your Khe Sahn style approaches. 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

In case you were waiting ..

Missing Taxiways in P3D? Don Your Work Aprons!

Written in the Stars...

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Microsoft created FSX, and happy we all were for a very long time. #flighstimheaven

However, along the long, long flightsim continuum, the wise old flightsim cognoscenti unearthed one or two MS induced errors, including the one where FSX taxiways and aprons had their "visibility" flags incorrectly set right from day one - yes, they were set to "cloak", but no-one would foresee the importance of this for quite some time.

Then, many, many moons later, along came Lockheed Martin who promptly (and quite rightly) decided to put this right under their Prepar3D platform. LM promptly banished this hidden cloaking device by resetting their taxiways and aprons to "show". Whilst they could address this from that day onwards, existing sceneries, of which there are quite literally thousands, obviously failed to comply with this new Federation Prime Directive.

Anyway, all was well for many moons, and peace existed amongst these fine platforms, that is until users began adding their FSX scenery into their shiny new P3D platforms.

In all likelihood, the end result of this gambit will have been missing taxiways and aprons, and all because the scenery taxiway flags were still set to cloak unlike new law abiding P3D scenery citizens who were casually revealing all.

Back to Earth...

In the main this is an addressable problem, but first you must download and install Airport Design Editor (ADE) by ScruffyDuck Software. This application is - and always has been - an absolute pivotal mainstay of FSX/P3D scenery design, so it wouldn't surprise me if many of you already have this installed.

If you do, you'll already know that ADE has dependencies without which you will be unable to "compile" your scenery revisions, specifically the SDK's of FSX and P3D as these alone hold the MANY sub-programs that are necessary (read mandatory) for the design of scenery, aircraft, and other components of the simulation platform.

Whilst historically the SDK was only available with the Gold or Acceleration boxed editions of FSX, you can today FREELY download all Lockheed Martin SDK's for P3D V1, V2, V3, and V4 (NB. SDK for P3D V1 is fine for FSX).

Once your SDK is installed, ADE should pick it up, or you can point the various subroutines within ADE to their proper SDK tool paths.

In essence, the undisputedly excellent ADE application will allow you to create new airports as well as customising the layout default airports; you can add, place, scale, and rotate any scenery library object, and you can change ground textures or add custom polygons including photoscenery (import). This is the program that generates "AFCAD" files.

ScruffyDuck holds an excellent tutorial on how to fix missing taxiways and/or aprons (here), so do follow this should you have airports that appear reluctant to share their ground networks with you under your P3D skies.

BTW, a flag exists for each and every taxiway and apron in your scenery file, so for larger airports do expect to see a long list of flags. Happily, resetting taxiway and apron flags is now an easy task, thanks to ADE's ability to instantly reset ALL taxi/apron flags for the scenery area that you are editing.

Scenery design is one of those things that gets to you bit-by-bit - gradually (read insidiously) you'll begin experimenting with scenery files by adding and changing the layout of an airport, and before you know it, you will be generating mega-airports to rivals those of the big developers out there (maybe!).

Have fun designing scenery, but please share your AFCAD's with the FS community at large.