Friday, 17 February 2017

On-the-Fly Photoscenery!

Hush Software have introduced a brand new photoscenery system that downloads and installs photoscenery quite literally as you are flying around.

The scenery area available is said to cover the world in its entirety, and as such, it appears to be very cost effective at a very modest $49.

The zoom level appears to be configurable, and the developers rightly suggest that a fast internet connection is a must, as is plenty of hard disk space, as you will accumulate Gb's photo tiles as you fly around. 

The taster shots and videos look aerially appetising, but perhaps not quite as polished as some other photoscenery types. 

Key West - P3D then with HS:

Cannes - P3D then HS:

If you like collecting photoscenery, then it is likely that you'll already have installed the areas that you are particularly fond of. 

How long a service like this will last for is not certain, as photoscenery source files appear to be increasingly under scrutiny these days due to copyright infringement and protection.

If you've paid for the world to be revealed to you in pretty pictures, then of course you'd have a right to see and fly over the world that you've purchased. However, would I be right in thinking that in order to download the world, you'd actually have to fly over the whole world? 

In which case, for you to enjoy a particular bit of it a second time, you would need to have flown over the same portion a first time, but I guess that is logical. This issue therein only begins to make sense should the service providers ever be unable to continue to provide the service. If you've not flown over it, you won't have it, period. 

Another issue with great potential is the depiction of the word "Unlicensed" in clear white text that is shown clearly on JPG of a tile taken from their website (Hoover Dam); we could draw all manner of conclusions from this, but it's enough for now to draw your attention to it. 

Anyway, it's a great idea, especially if you are a photoscenery devotee. 

Cut Price King Lear

The fabulous Lionheart Learjet 24B is for a limited time a mere $24!

Don't be deceived by this little aeroplane, it can outclimb a Shuttle and it can outrun the Blackbird, but in the process it may drink more fuel than both of them put together.

It's old world, so the use of VOR's and NDB's is obligatory unless you opt for the equally ubiquitous GPS, and it will keep you on edge piloting rather than slumped in the back relaxing.

A very nifty feature is that the blank weather radar can in fact hold THREE gauges simultaneously. For instance, my LHC LJ24B carries the stock GPS, a freeware weather radar, and a freeware WAAS system, all of which are available at the click of a button.

For those that don't know, the WAAS system basically puts in an "ILS" type approach for any runway anywhere in the world - you tell it where, the WAAS will lead you to directly to the runway threshold.

Keep up, or it will take off without you. 

NB. The freeware weather radar requires ASN or AS16.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Wilco Falcon 7X: Impressive!

All credit to Wilco publishing, as they have most impressively turned around an awkward technical situation for me that was of my own doing. The upshot of it is that their very polite, highly responsive, and most courteous customer support team have granted me a turn in their Falcon 7X business jet.

For those as yet unfamiliar with the French manufacturer of Falcon jets, then let it be known that they are absolutely and unequivocally up there with the best of them. These aircraft carry the distinguished rich and famous, and now they carry me - whoa!

There is something rather splendid about this aircraft, insofar as it brings together ultra new flight deck technologies with the old style plush fabrics of soft velveteens, softened hand-stitched hides, and the high-gloss polished hardwoods which form the elegantly luxurious cabinets, in which no doubt can be found sparkling wines and crystal tumblers.

The flightdeck is a working office of veritable switches and knobs, each with a function, and each doing precisely as it states. You are confronted by a multitude of screens, but instead of being lost, you are invited in to partake, for they are simple,accessible, and easy to operate. SID's and Star's are present, and a working HUD is available for those tricky landings. Overall, the flightdeck is reminiscent of the technology found in its country of origin stablemate, the Airbus A350.

Wilco Publishing, hats off to you my friends, for you have blended a masterpiece of virtual engineering dovetailed with the old-school polish of the first class set, an arena with which but a few of the mega-discerning are so closely acquainted. This, combined with an old-fashioned customer-focused and user-centric approach, has to be a winning formula that can be appreciated by all within FS.

This is designer city, where everything has a label, and Raybans are gold, and by gold, I mean solid. I feel that I could get along very well in this sumptuous ambience, though for me, the real question is whether I would want to be up front or slumped comfortably in the back? Obvious really, I'd need to be nothing less than the owner-operator!

Your invitation to join in with this haute societe rests below, but don't miss it, as Cannes is but around the corner for us Globetrotters. This offer is 25% off the list price, and that equates to, hmmm, £12m or thereabouts...