Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Scenery Solutions XpressSim: Low Cost Quality Scenery

With their new "XpressSim" product, "Scenery Solutions" have introduced a new and intelligent concept to the pricey world of payware FSX and P3D scenery.

What makes this special is that XpressSim provides decent scenic payware scenery that is priced around the very reasonable $5 mark.

You will need to download their XpressSim installer client to access and purchase their scenery, and simply by doing so you will be able to download some sample packages.

So far, Scenery Solutions have created some very nice scenery areas that encompass not just the airports, but also the surrounding areas; however, each component is a separate purchase, so for instance, if you wish to buy the City of Florence plus Peretola Airport (LIRQ), then that'll be a few dollars more,.

Scenery Solutions intend to add new areas to their scenery portfolio, so keep an eye open for new products by downloading a recent product list through their XpressSim client interface.

Spain, France, Italy, Canada, and Greece have so far received some attention, including Ajaccio in Corsica, Florence in Italy, and six smaller yet highly detailed areas in North America.

To me, this is a sensible approach, as not only is it costs effective and of reasonable quality, but it covers a niche market insofar as users don't always want to spend a fortune on airports that they visit rarely. 

Anyway, take a look at the JPG's to satisfy your curiosity, and then go download the client in order to check out one or two of their free sample areas, the interface of which also allows users to adjust scenery resolution and other parameters of the installed software.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bucket List: Bargains!

Visit Flightstore for some bargains, including a few Go-Flight units and UK photo scenery software for £1!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Captain Sim: Flash 24-hour $9.99 Sale!!!

Hurry, it's 24-hours from midnight UTC 11th January 2017!

Captain Sim has a mixed reputation, but having said this, many of their products are still exemplary with immaculate detailing and superb animations and features, and with 100's of liveries available for each of them. 

Do be aware that you need to buy the base pack of the model you'd like, plus optional product add-ons and variants. Also, note that their later models (L1011 and B777) have separate FSX and P3D editions. 

Whichever way you look at it, these machines are absolute bargains for $9.99!

For instance...

Lockheed Tristar L1011: Superb steam gauge VC, weather radar, authentic INS with easy to use features, and it's very fast, large, and wide.

Boeing 777: All variants including cargo (as add-on's), weather and terrain radar, beautiful exterior model, stunning VC with functional EFB, and accurate performance. 

Boeing 737-200: Incredibly detailed steam age VC with working PDCS, weather radar, and immersive systems. 

Boeing 727: Fully detailed VC with full engineers panel, weather radar, many animations, and a great model. 

Visit Captain Sim for other great aircraft, including 757, 767, 707, C130, stand alone WX radar, weapons system, etc.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Seasons in the Sun & Snow!

Get your brollies, wellies, and sunnies at the ready, for essential X-Plane seasonal eye-candy has finally arrived!

Dataref driven libraries were introduced into X-Plane by Laminar Research some time ago, and seizing this golden opportunity, genius X-Plane.Org user Einstein added the package Seasons providing X-Plane with the ability to change its seasonal textures according to the sim date.

Recently, user Madmaxland uploaded some terrific Spring, Autumn, and Winter texture sets to compliment X-Plane's default Summer textures (do look out for the the separate download in case you want your snow to arrive in December).

Thus, if in Winter, add snow, if in Spring, add flowering flora and fauna, and if in Autumn, add brown and tan arboreta, but otherwise, let it be summer!

xOrganizer: Use the following method to create the correct scenery_packs.ini sequence:

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Antonov AN24: Spice Up Your New Year Flying

Here is a freeware Antonov AN-24 from Felis Design that was originally X-Plane payware but is now freeware on that same platform. 

And now it's freeware on FSX!

This, I believe is a gradual port over from X-Plane to FSX, and for me this is a first, as normally port-over's are FSX-X-Plane. From what i can gather, the aircraft is being ported across stage by stage, so for now not all functions will work, but to be honest, you might not even notice this.

Anyway, the ABN-24 was a capable turboprop airliner, having sold in great numbers throughout the world. The AN-24 is truly a hardy beast, and probably the same can be said of the pilots - watch this to see why!

Anyway, having purchased the X-Plane version quite some time ago, I can attest the the authenticity of this aircraft and the systems contained within it, and by authenticity, I mean that I grasped very little of the instructions and had no clue about what I was doing or supposed to be doing, which seemed at the time to be about right for this vintage of Soviet design, LOL!

Anyway, enjoy, if you can, and, more importantly, if you dare!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

iOS: Radio Navigation Tutor

Here's an interesting free app by Digital Aviation for iPhones and iPads that helps users learn how to use and navigate using radio beacons such as VOR's and NDB's, as well as practicing holding patterns.